Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you groom dogs?

Yes… It’s what we do … and to a very high standard …. we also do cats .

2) Do you clip dogs nails?

Yes .. Nails can be clipped during a groom if requested or as a separate exercise – phone Sarah and have a chat.

3) How much do you charge?

Our prices vary according to the breed of your pet and the specific requirements or treatments requested. Please take a look at our pricing page which will give you an overview of our services and the costs for having them. As always though, seriously matted pets will be charged extra fees due to the work involved in removing mats if it is at all possible or for the last resort of a full removal of their coat by clipping so its best to give your pet a brush through on a regular basis. We are sure you will agree that the welfare of your pet is paramount to us all and we are of course obliged to act in the event of it being distressed.

4) How long does it take?

As with the prices the time required for a full groom is dependent upon breed and specific treatments but, as a guide, a small breed as identified on our pricing page would be around three hours and a large breed around 5 hours.

5) What does a groom consist of?

We have tried to elaborate further on this for you within our website but in general your pet receives a full bath in our state of the art bathing system using specialist doggy shampoos. They are then gently dried by hand and then again by a warm air dryer and finally, a gentle hand held dryer before being lifted onto the grooming tables. Whilst on our tables your pet is tethered to prevent injury to itself and to our staff by any sudden movement, as we have identified as a possibility during our risk assessment. Your pet is then clipped with professional clippers and then scissored into your pets breed specific style or as instructed by you if otherwise by our pet stylists. Finally your pet is given a spray of deodorising perfume.

6) Do you evacuate anal glands?

We do for an additional nominal charge but only if requested by yourself and if we consider to be in the animals best interest. Have a chat with Sarah for further advice as she was a Veterinary Nurse prior to taking up grooming. We do however recommend a trip to see your Vet if your pet is having problems with their glands or if you are in any doubt.

7) Do you pluck ears?

Yes we do.

8) Do you feed and water the animals?

Water is always available for your pet but we do not feed them during their stay (except the odd doggy treat!)

9) Do you take card payments?

Yes, we do accept card payments.

10) Can I book an appointment on line?

You can … please see our bookings page on this web site.

11) Are you insured?

Yes we are. We hold a fully comprehensive professional policy and your pet is fully covered by this policy whilst in our care. Copies of said certificate are available on this website.

12) Do you belong to any professional associations or organisations?

Yes.. We do – we are members of The Pet Industry Federation & The British Dog Groomers Association.

Our membership number is: G1 28158.

13) Do you have qualified groomers?

Yes, we have qualified groomers though to stage three City & Guilds.