Our Grooming & Styling Services

Full Groom

If you need to get your pet in show trim, to breed standard or it just hasn’t been done for a while and a maintenance groom just isn’t enough, then we can get him back into shape with a wash, dry, brush out and style.  Eyes, ears, feet and nails will be attended to as well as tidying up around the face and tail to keep your pet in shape.

This is the full works to clean the dog’s coat and remove any mats.  Please note that depending on how heavily matted the coat is on examination, additional time and therefore cost may be incurred, so it may not be possible to achieve the desired finish or style you desire.  Whilst your dog is in our temporary care we have a duty to ensure its welfare under section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to relieve any unnecessary suffering, for example, due to excessive mats.

When dealing with heavily matted coats, our priority is for the dog’s health and well-being first and foremost, and styling has to take second place.  You will be advised of the best course of action for your dog when first examined at your appointment. Please see our De-matting procedure below.

Full Groom Special Appointments

Breeds that have highly stylised cuts like Poodles, Bichons and Bedlington’s may also require to be booked as a special appointment depending on the style required and the length of growth from the last groom. Please call us to discuss your requirements and a price estimate.

Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is a time intensive procedure that can only be performed on coats of the correct texture and which has not previously been clipped. Neutering often changes coat texture and in most instances, renders hand stripping impossible. Even if not neutered and not previously clipped, some areas of your dog may be too sensitive for hand stripping, for example if there is a skin condition, injury site or underlying medical or physical condition. Old or infirm dogs should be clipped to minimise stress and reduce the amount of time required to stand for the grooming process. Chat with us for specialist advice.

De-matting Procedure

Some dogs can develop severe matting to the coat because of a number of factors, over
time this matting gets worse making it difficult for the owner to control the situation.
Owners often feel embarrassed by the matted appearance of their dogs and fail to seek assistance which often leads to the situation worsening.  Leaving the mats in a dog’s coat can lead to some serious health issues for the dog’ and really require professional assistance to ensure the de-matting is done safely and with the least stress possible.
We offer a dedicated service to assist dog owners who simply need some help to get their dogs coat back to a manageable condition.

The two options for mat removal, both of which will incur extra costs are:

  • · Removing the mats from the coat by hand using conditioners and de-matting tools.
  • · Clipping the coat back to a short length to remove mats and then re-growing a fresh coat.

The main issue in deciding which method to use is solely based on the dog’s wellbeing. De-matting by hand is time consuming and can be uncomfortable for the dog. The dog’s age, health and temperament will be considered when deciding which is the best method. After the de-matting is completed your dog will be given all treatments as shown in Level 1 below.

After your dog has been thoroughly de-matted, bathed and groomed we can offer advice on a maintenance program to ensure your pet has a mat free coat and is kept looking and smelling great and above all happy and comfortable if you wish.

Please note that signed authorisation will be required from the owner before proceeding with a full ‘clip off’.

Treatment Level Options & Prices

Level One – Brush out and trim-up

This is for low maintenance pets in order to keep them looking and smelling great.

  • A pre-bath groom to remove loose hair and debris from the coat
  • Removal of slight tangles or matting
  • Nails trimmed or filed
  • Eyes cleaned
  • Ears cleaned and removal of hairs in the ear canal removed
  • A light tidying trim to the feet and pads
  • A hygiene area trim
  • Anal glands emptied only if required
  • Bath & shampoo with special ‘doggy’ shampoos
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Towel dry and high velocity blow dry
  • Detail drying
  • Application of pet perfume or cologne

Prices from only £35.00 dependent upon breed – Please call for estimate.

Level Two – As Level One plus clipping and styling

Your dog will receive all of the treatments as listed in Level 1 above in along with a complete styling and clipping groom to suit your requirements. This can be based on styling to breed if you desire or we can provide your pet with a low maintenance clip and style to suit both your own and your dog’s lifestyle.

From £35.00 dependent upon breed – Please call for estimate

Bath and Dry

Is your pet getting a little smelly? Why not pop down for a bath, dry, health check and doggy cologne, guaranteed to make your little one smell amazing.

From £15.00 depending on size and breed – Please call for estimate

Zoom Groom

From Dachshund to Great Dane they moult everywhere, a zoom groom can get all of the dead hair out and prevent the moulting, included is a bath, clip their nails, zoom, clean their ears out, general health check and doggy cologne.

From £30.00 depending on size and breed – please call for estimate

1st time Puppy Grooms

Getting your new puppy used to the experience of regular grooming is important. It is not just important for your puppy but also important to you. It gives you both the best chance to ensure that his/her coat is kept in A1 condition with the minimum amount of stress to you both. This service is available to all breeds up to the age of 16 weeks as long as your puppy has been fully vaccinated. The process involves a bath and conditioner, eye tidy, nail trim and a finishing puppy groom … plus an application of cologne or perfume!

The process is all about introducing your new puppy to the sights, sounds, smells, and routine of grooming and bathing in a safe secure and professional environment.

£15.00 set fee for all breeds

Please note that a puppy groom is especially designed for a first time visit and are available primarily to help your puppy to get to know what a visit to Mutz Kutz is all about. They are not a substitute for any other type of groom we have on offer and should not be considered to be as such.


Procedure is as detailed above.

Prices are based on Level One Brush out and Trim for your breed PLUS £15.00 per half hour of the time taken to resolve mats.

Please note that signed authorisation will be required from the owner before proceeding with a full ‘clip off’.

Nail clipping & Foot Care

Your pet’s nails will be cut or filed, his or her pad hair trimmed and the foot hair neatened.

Set price –  £8.00

Cat Grooming

Mutz Kutz Ltd staff are qualified cat groomers. Our staff have been cat grooming professionally since we opened over ten years ago.

Our services are designed to promote the welfare of your cat and his/her coat.
All full services include a free health check, nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning. All full grooms include a wash in our state of the art bathing facility, a trim, style and tidy, a free health check, eyes and ears cleaned and a nail trim.

We endeavour to help you to keep your cat in good coat condition although obviously some cats require more grooming than others to keep their coats in perfect health. We acknowledge that some of our clients do not have the time or the expertise to keep their cats knot free and comfortable this is where we can help you!

The cats coat is the most admired feature, and so having it groomed regularly is very beneficial. Should it become matted or dull it is important to have it groomed as soon as possible. At Mutz Kutz we specialise in cat grooming without sedation and as guided by the cats’ temperament.

Whilst it is possible for us to groom most cats if the cat is by nature very aggressive or easily stressed we do recommend sedated grooming by a vet.

Price from £30.00

Pet Pick Up and Drop-Off Service

If you are housebound or not able to drop your pet off and pick them up for whatever
reason then we can offer a local collection and delivery service to suit for the nominal cost
of £5.00. Please feel free to call in and chat to Sarah or Natalie regarding this service.